Brandon Skeie - Crime Line

2014. 5. 27. 10:32Pop / Synthpop

약 5년전부터 유튜브에 얼굴을 선보이며 꾸준히 활동한 미국 LA출신 싱어 송 라이터 브랜든 스케일의 새로운 앨범 3Words에서 가져온 최신 싱글 뮤직비디오. 많은 커버곡으로 워낙 기본기가 탄탄한 친구이지만 국내에는 아직 인지도가 많이 부족하다.

My EP “3Words” is out, get it here:… 



FOLLOW ME ON VINE: @brandonskeie

Special Thanks to Annie Bardonski for playing “lead girl”

Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend Trevor Gardner for playing the love interest! (not very hard!)

Special Thanks to TJ Routon for producing this.

Special Thanks to Hillary Bernstein for co-writing this song with me! 

Follow her on Instagram @hillarybeth1

Special Thanks to Ally Hills for editing & filming the music video! @allyhills

Special thanks to @Aliwilderman for assisting this shoot & backgrounds

Special Thanks to my parents Angela Skeie & Kenneth Skeie for co-producing this music video!

Thank you to everyone who donated to make this song possible via Tubestart!

Thank you so so much!

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