The Wave Pictures - Like Smoke

2014. 3. 31. 01:00Indie / Folk

기타와 드럼 두개의 악기로 연주하는 영국 얼터너티브 록 밴드 웨이브 픽처스의 브루지한 뮤직비디오.

"I'm talking about death, family, living in the city and sex," says David Tattersall, guitarist and vocalist of The Wave Pictures. "I hope that doesn't sound too heavy, it's a simple song and I put some jokes in the lyrics too." Like Smoke - the evocative track in question, closes the band's latest album City Forgiveness. It's a poignant, acoustic slow jam given an unexpected dance partner in filmmaker Tabitha Denholm's footage of Louisiana trail riders at an R&B-infused zydeco music party.

Read a full interview with the band and Tabitha at Nowness:

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