Tourist ft. Will Heard - I Can't Keep Up

2014. 3. 31. 15:20Dance / House

런던출신 일렉트로닉 하우스 프로듀서 윌리엄 필립스(Tourist)의 새로운 뮤직 비디오. 소울풀한 RnB 싱어 윌 허드 피처링.

Pre-order the 'Patterns' EP on iTunes (UK):

This is the official video for Tourist's new track 'I Can't Keep Up' featuring Will Heard - taken from the forthcoming Patterns EP.
The 'Patterns' EP is released on April 20th on Method Records (UK) and on April 22nd on Monday Records (US/Canada).
Download 'Together' for free via Tourist's Facebook - also taken from the Patterns EP:

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